Wk2 3D Max: Spine, Extrude, Bend, Twist, Taper & Latthe

yey… its 3D max again….. 


create>> spine = draw floor plan 
modify>> extrude>> key 50 in amount then you get the purple block;

create>>standard >> circle >> convert to editable spline (one way) 
Modify>>select vertex >> right click on points>> convert to corner etc >> drag points 
extrude >> get yellow block; 

Follow Yellow 
Modify >> Bend >> directions etc. 

create>> spline >> rectangular >> draw rectangular
Modify>> curve radius >> extrude Image

Play with the functions! 

Blue Taper & Twist
Pink– Bend, Twist & Taper


Lathe is like a revolving button.
thus, to create the following, draw the side sections first ( the profile)
den lathe it, and adjustment the x y z or min center max options to create different shapes. Attach & detach;select object >>modify >> attach?? click what u wanna attach. 


Stack modifier= bend twist taper etc


stressful nia././/.

Our Morning workout :)


Look around people

im seriously not in a good mood now. shits happens. I have been silent for too long.

1.Please don’t act god and talk bad about ppl (SPECIFICALLY) ON FB as if you r better. you’re not. trust me.

2. Similar things come together.
I really pity those who treat A as good friend even thou A gossip about your BAD for the past year and cause everyone o boycott you.  pathetic rite?

3.Dont be bloody evil, set a trap for others so you can prove your point.

4.Don’t be so f*cking fake so ppl would like you. you can lie for the rest of your life if u are good at it. but i despise you.

5.for myself: dont be so judgemental from what you see.

6.Dont be so contradicting by saying one doing another.

7.Dont whine so much about the same thing. if you like putting all ur problem out there(FB) for ppl out there to pity you. congratz…

8.Dont be so bloody heartless. the world doesnt revolve around you.

9.Appreciate. you dont deserve anything if u dont know how too.

10.Revenge won’t help you. even thou some of it makes you feel better.

Again, Look around people.

p/s: i’m not pointing this at any certain someone.
but, if you think one of those is related to you, good for you! i’m glad it help you.
if you cant relate to anyone of them, it’s either you are damn perfect or bloody ignorant.
thank you.

Time to decide.

because you won’t wanna spend all you life fighting for that one simple thing — money. when one decision will let you have it all.

“So often life is a trade-off between making money, you need at the sacrifice of the flexibility and time you want, to live life to the fullest.”  I can totally relate this sentence to my previous post– equivalent exchange, but is it true you always have to sacrifice something in order to gain another?  think about it. Working extra-overtime, or a full day, missing dates, gathering, casual meetings, family etc. for your boss, actually, for the money u get in the future. and c’mon, dont tell me that you dont really need money, wake up! this is the reality and its getting MORE REAL as time passes!
i believe, in any situation similar to the above, one will not be that happy, nor fulfilled at the endbecause you became money’s slave.  unless you enjoy your job loads but what are the odds? i bet most of the jobs people like doesn’t pay much either..

for certain, i know me at the age of 19, wont want that. at all. I got a solution at this age, do you?
ok, I’m gonna keep this post hanging by stopping here

CSS, come to mama.

aka.Cascading Style Sheets.

Looking at my present blog and my previous-one-which-saya-itu-moron-accidentally-deleted-it. i gotta say, designing a blog skin really give me a sense of great achievement. it wasn’t done properly thou, nor it was all done with CSS. Hence, it cost me 24 hours for each blog skin, agonizing for my poor back and neck. plus i get addicted to it very often, once i start, i wont stop until its perfect.

Thus, i’m so gonna learn all the programming and codes from CSS, do hope that i pick it up quickly.
then, i can create loads and loads of blog skin, publicise it on webs, and then..
Monetize it, my passion xDD

Muahahahahaha… thats my plan for now la, pun dunno when or how i’m gonna master css, learning it on web might not be easy , maybe i should just invest my money on a “CSS for dummy book”. still have no idea how they come out with this name. inspiring yet simple, insulting yet BOOM profit!~

Just read a blogpost from WordPress’s freshly pressed, and i enjoy it alot as it was funny and cute.  maybe journalism wasn’t as bad as i thought it would a few years back then.
Those 11 years of malaysian education really traumatize me when it comes to writing, somehow i feel restricted when it comes to journalism especially in karangan (essay in malay) no offence but its was always:
choose the argument type instead of the story type>> must start with a title around 50 words >> put your first point, one huraian(explanation), one example >> continue doing the same for the next 4 paragraph >> end it with a 50 words conclusion >> check, and done.  (and i can’t believe i still remember these… )

I got B3 in my SPM BM. ehhhhh.

I can’t remember what i usually write on my English and Chinese essay, but i’m pretty sure that all my teachers emphasis too much on the RIGHT FORMAT.. too much. You must have header! you must have this point and that point..

Using too much effort to write it the right way make my essays dull, and with time limit(1 hour), i can hardly squeezz some originality, authentic brilliant ideas out. stupid school system,  you took my journalism away for that pass few years, now, I’m taking it back!

Speaking about the school system. i have no good things to say. might as well save my words. people who seems to excel in our SSS (stupid school system) are either genius-ly smart to not get caught, or just too nice to follow everything or lucky.

ehhhh, at least i’m neither one of them. ciao~~

equivalent exchange?

meaning: 等价交换.
This term came to me when i was 15 i think, while watching Full Metal Alchemist.  I gotta say, i love japanese drama and anime alot because of so many reason. anyways, it’s a story about people performing alchemist to change the state of what they have ‘make’ new tools etc.
sure we know that that will not happen in actual life, how on earth can we do that?

where does this term involve our everyday life? yes, in our career, the more time you put in it, the more returns you get. yes,  a skill, the more time you practice, hopefully the better you get. yes, when it comes to ‘X”s results, more effort, better result.

but have it ever cross you mind that it applies to any form of relationships?

Have you ever have friends that you loves so so much, but he/she/it just think that you ain’t that important?
Have you do everything of that boy/girl you crush on, but they just don’t feel the same way?
Have you ever thank  teachers who put their heart and soul in your education enough?
Have you ever treat your parents with the same amount of love they given you all these years?

Guess what. There’s no such thing is ‘equivalent exchange’ when it comes to relationships.
because you all have favourites and dislikes.
Final words, Treasure people whom you love and love you in life 🙂 accept things that you can’t change, change things you can for the better. life would be easier for you.
p/s: i had no idea why would i write a post like this. but still, love keeping it short and simple so i wont fall asleep when i’m 25, reading my blog =p

Back to the T-junction again.

Its the 21st of February. and I’m here blogging instead of attending some orientation for some new course in some new university.  I hate this. having no directions in life. I’m not going for engineering anyways, not my cup of tea, i just dont have the passion for it. you won’t see me read physics text book for fun rite?

Studying science for 20 years of my life has taken its toll, I was too comfortable in this area, therefore it will freak me out if i change/get out of science. I don’t see myself  doing research or mechanic work anyway in the future anyway.
thats the thing about me, i change my plans ALOT. 2009, i was gonna to do business/comm in ADTP or SAM, then i ended up doing science in A-levels. i was suffering at first but i get used to it, yes, I’m adaptable. but now, after finishing it with a ‘ehhhhh~~’ AAB, I’m back to the same question again:

What Should I do with My life.

I really admire those people who make a career out of things they like, my aunt who loves crafts, ANY crafts from needle knitting to sewing a plush toys to printing fabrics, she opened a blog to teach people about it slash monetize it. Someone like Xiaxue, voicing out her extreme opinion and monetize it. and a girl from taiwan who loves to make key chains accessories etc from used cap bottles, guess what, she’s pretty rich now as she find a way to monetize her talent and passion. well, era changed, it used to be: go for a professional jobs, done. and i gotta come up with a new catch phrase to describe this era later. (monetize your passion?)

Turns out that i need to find something i’m super passionate about then monetize it. End.